Two-phase formula: shake into one phase to activate.

Multi-tasking mist that can be used throughout the day on the face and hair.

PROTECT & PREP: Close eyes and spritz over the face in the morning to refresh and hydrate the skin, as a primer before make-up application and to protect the skin against pollution and oxidative stress.

REFRESH: Reapply over makeup during the day, as some time for yourself if you feel stressed or tired, or if the skin feels particularly dry or irritated. This will ensure your skin stays hydrated and constantly protected.

Can also be used during the day on the hair to refresh the hairstyle and give a volume boost.

HYDRATE: Spritz mist again before bedtime, under or over your usual moisturiser, to soothe the skin after UV exposure and for a hydration boost that will help the skin regenerate during the night.